• The Power of C³

    The Power of C³

    Segue cuts costs for its OEM customers with significant savings on both UL approved raw materials and final products.

  • Heatsinks


    Segue offers custom heatsink solutions for every application from extruded, cast, bonded fin, or skived heatsinks.

  • Busbars and Precision Machining

    Busbars and Precision Machining

    From the most exotic designs and shapes to a basic copper bar, Segue can offer the perfect solution for all your busbar requirements.

  • Printed Circuit Boards

    Printed Circuit Boards

    From double sided plated to the more exotic multi-layer, and metal core boards, Segue will meet any PCB requirements.

  • Wire Harness

    Wire Harness

    From a simple jumper to a complex harness, let Segue be the solution for all your harness and power cord needs.

  •  Electronics Assemblies

    Electronics Assemblies

    From a Surface Mount (or Thru Hole) PCB assembly to a complete and tested turn key assembly, Segue has the capabilities to do it all.

  • LED Lighting Assemblies

    LED Lighting Assemblies

    Segue's custom LED arrays and custom LED lighting assemblies provide a practical solution for all your LED lighting projects.

  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies

    Segue Electronics offers cost effective custom transformers, chokes, and coils as well as complete power supplies.

  • Enclosures


    Utilizing our various metal processing techniques and plastic molding capabilities, Segue Electronics offers custom enclosures made exactly to print.

PCB Assembly

Full solution electronics assembly

LED and Fixtures

OEM Assembly of lighting fixtures for LED applications


Cost effective transformers and inductors

Thermal Electronics

Heatsink, busbar, and thermal insulated substrates